Jewel & Art Project for Mulaj Nişantaşı

Jewel & Art' Project

According to their jewel designs and standarts, I aim to express their quality, trustable background and how they touch to people’s heart with precious energies and uniqeness of jewels and gold. 


The project all made in the store together with the interior design process. Well known Mulaj Designs were there for the best inspiration. I choosed the materials which are the most closest ones to designs.


After making sketches and decisions it took a week to build up the project.


What is necessary in this project was to impress the quality, uniqueness, value of the designs of Mulaj, and the self-valued living style, through with my art in the same space of Mulaj.

'Presence' 120x120 cm, mixed techniques on canvas, 2017

100x120 cm, mixed techniques on canvas, in progress

'Feng Shui' , 80 cm Round Canvas, 2017

100x120 cm, mixed techniques on canvas, 2017

Project can be seen in Mulaj Design Nişantaşı until December 2020 

Nişantaşı Ihlamur Yolu Cad.Orhan Ersek Sok.No:49 A-1 Nişantaşı, İstanbul

Mulaj Design: +90 212 234 99 80

Ayşenur İlkışık Studio: +90 212 325 61 56

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